3 years ago, I saw Bill Hicks’ “Revelations” special, and I knew when I heard his closing bit “It’s Just a Ride” that I wanted to pursue stand-up comedy for the rest of my life. Inspired by Hicks’ performance, I began writing things that I thought were funny in November of 2013. Late last year, I found out that Laughing Skull in Midtown Atlanta had a 6 week course on how to become a comedian. In February of this year, I paid $534 for the March-June class.


I was t-boned in Roswell, Ga on 12-27-2013 by a hot black chick with a sweet ass who didn’t have insurance, but was let go. When I picked up the police report, it had some Mexican’s name where mine should’ve been, even though only the hot black chick and I were the only 2 involved in the “accident.” I also didn’t have uninsured motorists at the time, so I drove the car in this condition until May of 2016. My beat up ’95 Honda Civic took a huge shit, so I bought another ’95 Civic (this time a DX Coupe) from a buddy. The car had been in possession of his alcoholic buddy for a few years, had been stolen, wrecked, and fixed before sitting in the drunk’s driveway for a year and a half.


This is DRadDX (pronounced DRAD DIX) for “Derek’s RAD DX.” I paid for it in February when I paid for comedy class, but when I went to pick it up, the interior was covered in mold. It took the drunk 6 weeks to get it cleaned out before I could pick it up and drive it. I also got a wrecked ’94 Acura Integra with only 130k miles to swap the engine and transmission into the DX. I drove the DX for a week before the engine blew the day before I was supposed to start comedy class.

In a state of frustration, panic, depression, helplessness, and anguish, I emailed the instructor and explained my situation. He was extremely empathetic to what I was going through, and easily agreed to bump me to the August class. I finally got the engine and transmission swapped into the DX, and everything was starting to get better


A few days before class was supposed to start, I checked Laughing Skull’s website to see the schedule, but it still had the previous schedule up, so I emailed the instructor to inquire about the matter, and he said that they were no longer having the class. After all the shitty Hell I’d been through so far this year, this was the only thing I had to look forward to, and it had vanished before me. I then asked for a refund, and the instructor recommended Joel Byars’ comedy class at Get Scene Studios, to which I happily accepted. He offered to pay Joel for me, and send me the difference. Finally, things were starting to get better, and I was going to begin my journey into the awesomely magnificent art of stand-up comedy.


I started an 8 week class on August 21st with these awesome people that I will never forget.



This is the graduation show flyer made by the Jedi master Joel Byars. Left to Right: Dedren Snead, Lear Bunda, Me, Zach Mather, Kaleigh Scruggs, Rhonda Turner, Joel Byars, Taylor Lavender, Bill Hagans, Laina Burgess, Sebastian Otero, Sarah Stephens, and Jayson Warner Smith.

This video marks the beginning of a journey into the unknown inside myself, and my commentary about the world we live in. Keep in mind that the purpose of comedy is to provoke thought and laughter. Not everything that I say is true, and most of it isn’t a lie. Remember, these are just jokes folks. This is only the beginning of an awesome ride.


Spew Nonsensical Psychobabble

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