Defaced Denver Police MemorialBefore I get to the news about the Denver PD memorial, I’d like to talk about ants for a minute. I have been fascinated by ants since I was a boy. These tiny insects are perhaps the most efficient creatures on Earth for many reasons. For example, they can lift up to 500 times their own body weight, they never sleep, they don’t breathe oxygen, and they have natural body armor via an exoskeleton. I’ve often pondered the thought that if ants were the size of small dogs, they would dominate this planet.

A Bug's Life quote

While humans are significantly different from ants, I think that we can learn quite a bit from them that would help us in our quest for total freedom. Perhaps the most valuable thing we can learn is their organizational skills. When enough ants come together, they can actually kill, and completely consume anything that they want. If humans were to unify and adopt the same organizational skills that ants possess, we would be absolutely unstoppable!

It appears that some of the people in Denver, Colorado are starting to organize similar to those “puny little ants,” and this has made a profound statement to not only the Denver PD, but also to every police department in the “United States.” For the record, I put “United States” in quotes for the very reason that we are not yet unified, which is exactly why we are currently a conquered species by the “ruling elite.” The “divide and conquer” strategy is one of the oldest, and the most effective war strategies ever used. That is why it is still being used on us today. We are intellectually divided by individually subjective ideology. Fundamentally, we are all the same, and in order for us to change our current situation, we MUST recognize this as fact.

According to this article from CounterCurrent News, approximately 150 people organized to protest police brutality in the wake of the murder of 17-year-old Jessica Hernandez that happened just over a month ago. Since then, DPD Commander Matt Murray has ordered his subordinates not to engage with protesters, even saying “let the vandalism happen.” CBS4’s Lauren DiSpirito reported that some officers “were seen with tears in their eyes after the memorial was defaced.” Good! I’m glad! Now maybe they can start to get an inkling of how we feel when we lose one of our own to their idiocy, ignorance, incompetence, lack of compassion, robotic enforcement of “laws,” arbitrary feeling of superiority, and overall disdain for the rest of us who aren’t part of their little club.

Of course this outraged the rest of the Denver Police Union so much that they are attempting to get their Chief to step down from his position. For some reason only 2 individuals were arrested, fortunately without incident, and charged with “criminal mischief related to the act of vandalism.” DPU President and undercover copper Nick Rogers is still upset stating “there is no reason to allow someone to desecrate a memorial. There is no reason to allow that to happen, it’s wrong … we have a breaking point, and we are there.” You’re at a breaking point because people aren’t just going to sit on their asses while you murder their children, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives? “No reason” huh? I have several reasons. What about Jessica Hernandez, Eric Garner, Kristiana Coignard, Robert Saylor, Tamir Rice, James Boyd, Kelly Thomas, and of course Mike Brown? I guess human lives don’t matter to parasites, which is fine, because their lives don’t matter to me.

Officer Matt Murray also stated “We believe it’s better for the community not to have conflict.” This is a stark contrast in how DPD were acting just 2 months ago when they were arresting protesters after they started dispersing, and returning to their homes. I think it’s awesome to see public backlash. We need more of it though. The more we stand up for ourselves, the more they will back down and learn to respect us. Respect isn’t going to be given. We must take it for ourselves, each and every one of us. If NO ONE follows their rules, then who could, or would enforce them? Just remember, we’re the ants, and they’re the grasshoppers. Once we unite, their game will be officially over.

“Each ant is a strange and alien force, but when they cooperate, they become a world superpower.”


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