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I’ve heard rumors here and there about United States citizens not being allowed to use the Constitution to defend themselves, and until now I didn’t believe it. I was conducting research on this topic when I came across a Georgia court case from 1854 titled “PADELFORD, FAY & Co. plaintiffs in error v. THE MAYOR AND ALDERMEN OF THE CITY OF SAVANNAH.” Some of you may consider this “irrelevant,” or “old news,” but with all the people constantly complaining about their “constitutional rights,” I think that this is a perpetually relevant issue. While reading this case, I found a few paragraphs that I believe not only are they relevant today, but they are the very reasons we are in the chaotic situation we are currently in.

You Have No Constitutional Rightsstate vs peoplefederal government jurisdiction

My summation of this case is as follows:

  • “No private person has a right to complain by suit in court on the grounds of a breach of the United States constitution; for, though the constitution is a compact, he is not a party to it.” Apparently since at least as far back as 1854, citizens of the United States have not had any constitutional rights whatsoever.
  • “The people, must be construed as meaning that the powers not ‘expressly’ so delegated are reserved to the state.” This means that “We The People” basically translates into “We The State,” or rather “We The Government”which definitely does not include civilians/citizens
  • “According to this sense, the Supreme Court of the U.S. has no appellate or other jurisdiction over this Court, and cannot, therefore, make a precedent for it.” Finally, this proves that “the Supreme Court of the U.S. has no jurisdiction” over the Supreme Court of Georgia!

What are we to do if we have no rights? It’s simple really; The constitution itself doesn’t “grant” anyone anything. It is merely a document/contract that lists the rights that all humans inherently possess. Instead of saying “I know my rights,” learn how to exercise your rights everywhere you go. I also recommend stop trying to argue “rights” with police, because they are intentionally ignorant when it comes to Law. I think everyone should take it upon themselves to study various types of Law. I’m not sure if this is the root source of the problems we face in America today, but from my research I am convinced that this information is part of that source.

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