Louis Mossey suffered a broken wrist when he tackled an off-duty LMPD officer who was allegedly beating his wife.

Photo Credit: WHAS11

Just after the Stupor Bowl, Louis Mossey was driving home, when the car in front of him swerved off the road, and crashed into a John Deer tractor. He slowed down to asses the situation, and saw the male passenger, 10-year veteran of the Louisville Police Department officer Jonathan Osborne, yelling at his wife Sharon (no relation to Ozzy and Sharon), who was driving. Within seconds, off-duty officer Jon Osborne walked over and punched his wife in the face, knocking her to the ground. The next thing I knew, he took two steps toward her and punched her in the jaw. Before I knew it, she was trying to get up off her knees, and he took two steps forward her, and kicked her right in the head. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. I noticed he had her in a choke hold, and he was standing behind her, and her feet were barely touching the ground, and I didn’t know if he was trying to kill her, or what.” said Mossey. This is when Louis Mossey tackled Jonathan Osborne to the ground, breaking his left wrist in the process.

“I sat there for about 10 minutes, waiting for the cops to get there,” Mossey said. It took 2 other bacon boys to subdue the raging bull that is Jonathan Osborne. He posted a $30,000 bond Monday after being charged with aggravated battery, battery, domestic battery, criminal recklessness, public intoxication and resisting law enforcement. Those initial charges were dropped, and a hearing was canceled Wednesday, after Prosecutor Jeremy Mull’s office filed new charges: battery resulting in serious bodily injury, attempted battery of a police officer for trying to spit on an officer, resisting law enforcement, and criminal mischief leading to the monetary loss of at least $750 but less than $50,000.

officer jonathan osborne

Clark Circuit Judge Andrew Adams on Thursday reiterated to Osborne that he’s been ordered not to contact his wife as a provision of his bond. “That means no contact by Twitter, by Facebook, by mail, by text message, by email, by carrier pigeon, by kick,” Adams said, later adding Jonathan isn’t allowed to go to his home near Plainview, until he hears otherwise from the court.

Jonathan Osborne was initially assigned to desk duty after the incident, but LMPD Chief Steve Conrad said Wednesday that he watched the video, and opted instead to suspend Osborne without pay. The police report later revealed that the cause of the accident was officer Osborne punching his wife in her face while she was driving. No charges were filed against Louis Mossey.

This is the 3rd Kentucky police officer that I’ve written about so far, and definitely the worst. WTF is going on with cops in Kentucky? Jonathan Osborne should be put in front of a firing squad for beating a defenseless woman. I’d proudly volunteer to be on that squad. The only thing worse than a man who beats women is a pedophile. Those are the 2 lowest, vile, creatures on Earth, and they should be completely eradicated if we are to continue to evolve.

“I just did what I thought was right. I just couldn’t stand to see somebody get hurt. Normally, somebody’s quick to grab their phones out, and just record it, but I just can’t bare to see somebody bein’ [sic] treated like ‘at [sic].” -Louis Mossey

Louis Mossey is more of a human being than 99% of those who read this article. He did exactly what any human being should do when someone is being helplessly beaten. No one should just stand and watch someone get physically assaulted by cops. One of the things that is supposed to separate us from all other species is our humanity, which is exemplified by helping each other when one of our brethren is in need. People need to start banding together to help each other as they used to. Have we come this far just to stand by, and film our own demise, merely for a few hundred-thousand hits on youtube?


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