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Whether you know it or not, there is currently an epidemic happening in America, and it isn’t Swine Flu, H1N1, Malaria, Ebola, or the Measles; it’s called pedophilia, and it is being perpetrated by some of those whom you trust to “enforce and uphold the law.” From local patrolmen to the Chief of Police, from sheriff’s deputies to U.S. Marshals, from state attorneys to judges, from mayors all the way to the Whitehouse government employees are having sex with children, but it is hardly being covered by any news outlets. With police murdering people every 8 hours in 2015, the stories are burying a much darker problem with “law enforcement.” I know that this is an extremely uncomfortable subject, but it must be discussed, and these disgusting animals need to be exposed.

In just the last 8 days, 9 “officers of the law” have been arrested, or convicted on charges of the sexual molestation of minors:

pedophile officer

Aaron Woodford Barnes, a Lake Wales, Florida cop was arrested on 4 counts of sexual activity with a minor, and 1 count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. According to the 17-year-old victim, officer Barnes asked her to babysit his son when she was 16, gave her wine, and started a seven-month sexual “relationship.” The victim states that the sex was consensual, however, the Police Chief pointed out that a 16-year-old cannot consent to a 37-year-old. Barnes of course denies the sex, but admits that there are inappropriate messages from her on his phone.

pedophile officer

James Edwards of Miami-Dade, Florida was arrested a second time on similar charges. This time it was for 12 counts of child pornography. Last August, Edwards was arrested for “lewd and lascivious conduct,” when he was accused of luring two boys to his home under the pretense of having them work in his yard. He then allegedly gave the boys cannabis, and “Molly” before masturbating in front of them.



pedophile officer

Orange County, California deputy Louis Mercado was sentenced to life in prison for sexually abusing a teenage boy that he met while working as a school resource officer. At least someone in America cares about the kids.






pedophile officer

Former church deacon and retired LAPD officer Rodney Eddy was denied his plea deal when Judge Valerie Robison refused to accept it. The deal would have allowed Eddy to walk out of court a free man. Eddy has been charged with 36 counts of sexual-molestation that began when the female victim was 13. He has been incarcerated since 2010 for these charges, and is currently awaiting his 3rd jury trial for this case.



pedophile officer

Trever Blackwell pleaded guilty to second degree rape in a case that revolved around a 15-year-old girl, who was in the “Police Explorers Program” in Wewoka, Oklahoma when the rape occurred. The “Police Explorers Program” is intended to show students the “benefits of becoming a police officer.” I guess Blackwell really showed her.



pedophile officer

Marysville, California cop Jared Michael Tomlinson, was found guilty of repeatedly raping a 13-year-old boy, who didn’t come forward about it until he was 24. His sentencing is scheduled for April 2nd, however, Tomlinson remains free to sodomize other boys with a “promise” to return to court. Let’s hope he commits suicide before then.




pedophile officer

Falfurrias, Texas police officer Jonathan Diaz was arrested by the Texas Rangers on Monday, for a sex crime involving a 16-year-old girl. Diaz is the second cop in the same department that is currently under investigation.




pedophile officer

Even the trusted Transportation Security Agency is getting in on the action (no pun intended). Samuel Bryant was arrested last Wednesday for sexually abusing a 14-year-girl. The TSA supposedly has plans to fire Bryant. We shall see if that actually happens or not.




pedophile officer

Coweta County Deputy Donald Patterson apparently committed suicide the day he was supposed to meet with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation about a child molestation accusation. Too bad all the others don’t follow Donald Patterson.


Sadly enough, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There have been no less than 22 cops charged with molesting children so far in 2015. According to this extensively comprehensive list, 174 public officials were charged with the sexual-molestation of minors in 2014, with 184 in 2013, and a record high of 209 in 2012. Perhaps the most interesting point to be made about the list is that there has been an explosion of government pedophilia since 2006, going from 13 arrests/convictions in 2005, to 59 the very next year. Before 2006, these numbers remained in the teens, but why? What has happened in the last decade to cause this sudden increase? I hope it is because more people are choosing to come forward with these allegations.


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