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We hear about police shooting unarmed civilians on almost a daily basis now, but what we don’t hear about very often is when police “accidentally” shoot themselves. I want to make a couple of things clear right away. These are not “accidents,” and guns don’t just “go off” without someone pulling the trigger, or abusing it in some fashion. Police are supposed to be trained in the proper handling of firearms, but as you will see, they act as if they haven’t even learned the basics. In addition to the perpetually growing number of individuals murdered by police, the following 5 videos are perfect examples of how careless some of these idiots can be, and exactly why they should not carry any firearms whatsoever.

1. The first video is the most recent on our list. It shows officer Darrell Smith (no relation to me), who has worked for the Glasgow Kentucky Police Department for 30 years, checking out a .380 Sig Sauer “Copperhead,” when he shoots off his middle and index fingers in attempt to dry fire the pistol. That’s funny part is that Darrell is suing Barren Sports for handing him a loaded weapon, because it ended his career. This article says “he suffered a hand injury when a gun he was handling accidentally discharged.” I want to reiterate here that a firearm is inanimate and inoperable without a human being. The .380 didn’t “accidentally discharge.” Darrell Smith failed to check and clear the chamber when he was first handed the pistol, which should always be the very first thing anyone does when they hold any type of gun. No one else is to blame for his negligence, carelessness, and idiocy. Let’s all shed a tear for poor, jobless, “disfigured,” Mr. Smith as we give him the double middle-finger salute!

2. The 2nd video is 2nd because this guy is the 2nd Kentucky police officer on our list, and the 2nd guy named Darryl. In it you will see 25-year veteran of the Erlanger Kentucky Police Department Darryl Jouett standing in an elevator talking to a woman, when seemingly for no other reason than to flash his piece in front of the lady (pun intended), he pulls his pistol out of his waistband, and appears to be trying to put it in his jacket pocket, during which he pulls the trigger shooting himself in the hip/upper thigh. The reason that I say he was flashing his piece is because he had no reason whatsoever to pull his gun out in the first place. The waistband is a much more secure place for a pistol than a jacket pocket. I’m genuinely glad that he shot himself, and not anyone else. It’s just too bad that neither Darrell’s or Darryl’s injuries were life threatening.

3. Another thing we hear, or read about often is dogs being purposely killed that weren’t posing any threat to the officers. As a dog lover, this next video is one of my favorites. Unfortunately this isn’t the raw footage, but the local newscast about the incident. A Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy entered a yard with a fence that contained a pit-bull in order to serve an eviction notice when “In defense of himself he shot, or fired one round at the dog, and inadvertently struck himself in the leg.” Really? How the hell did he shoot himself in the leg if he was aiming at the dog when he fired? This is how they lie to fool the general populace into believing that the police are necessary for our safety. For the record, no dogs were harmed in this incident, only a pig.

4. This one is short, sweet, and hysterically funny. It shows a group of riot cops training when one particular genius puts his (apparently jammed) shotgun on the ground, looks down into the barrel, bounces the butt of the stock off the pavement a few times, and then BANG! He gets shot in the face. Here is another lesson in gun safety folks; don’t ever look down the barrel of a gun! Actually, you should never point it at anything that you don’t intend to kill. Too bad none of these sharpshooters killed what they were shooting at.

5. Number 5 is a classic that most of you have probably seen already, but I’m sharing it because it’s my personal favorite, and for those who haven’t seen it yet. Lee Paige was your typical thug-looking, juiced-up, cocky “Special Agent” who worked for the “Drug Enforcement Agency.” In April of 2004, Lee was programming a Florida youth group with his DEA propaganda, telling them that “Just this week, at the beginning of the week, a young boy, not even 16 years old was killed because he was playing wit [sic] a gun.” He then pulls out his sidearm and says “And see, this is an unloaded gun” while apparently showing it to “Brian” who is out of frame. Mr. Paige then holds up the pistol, with the slide locked open, and lists off some popular rappers who “all talk about a Glock .40” in their songs, while decocking the pistol which puts a round in the chamber. Here comes the best part; Lee says “I’m the only one in this room professional enough, that I know of, to carry a Glock .40…I’m the only…” BANG! Mr. “Professional” shoots himself in the left thigh. After this it continues to get funnier, weirder, and scarier as he tries to act as if he’s alright. He even says “I’m alright. Is everybody alright?” He then mutters some unintelligible things, and tries to explain his “mistake” using himself as an example to prove why kids should “Never play wit [sic] guns.” At the halfway mark of the video he makes everyone much more uncomfortable by commanding his co-worker “Brian” to “bring that other gun out” while standing there with a bullet in his leg! The whole class stirs with nervous tension as “Brian” stands there refusing to do so, but a female co-worker named “Robin” walks across the room to pick up and display the rifle. “The only professional in the room” tries to tell everyone that “It’s nothin’ [sic]. It’s an empty weapon.” to which one kid yells out “Put it down!” After this the noise volume of the room starts to swell as Lee “I’m the only one in this room professional enough, that I know of, to carry a Glock .40” Paige goes to “Robin” and “Brian” to see about his new wound. One should never be arrogant when wielding a weapon of death.

6. I saved the best, yet worst, and most tragic example for last. Just under 6 months ago one of the highest paid officers that works for the Metro Transit Authority (MTA), Jon Gigantiello was at home, allegedly “unloading the weapon,” when he somehow shot himself through his hand and into the stomach of his 3-year-old son. What is most unsettling about this story is how few details are available, and how vague all the other articles are. Supposedly, the Suffolk County Police Department are conducting an investigation, but as most of us here know, they never find anything wrong when they investigate themselves.

I think that American police should follow the lead of the Reykjavik Police Department by trying to become part of the community instead of enemies of the community. Reykjavik is the largest city in Iceland, yet their police don’t carry firearms at all, but the civilians do. In fact, they have only shot and killed one person in the entire country’s history, and that was just 14 months ago! Unless some major changes occur here in the next few years, I’ll be on my way to a permanent vacation in Reykjavik, Iceland, living the rest of my days in peace, quiet, and security. Please learn and teach firearm safety to everyone that you know. John Dalberg once said “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” All of these situations accentuate that statement, and add to the mountain of evidence of why police should be disarmed of all lethal weapons. They have used and abused their arbitrary power for far too long.



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