ALL relationships revolve around synchronicity, and the willingness to fully accept each others’ eccentricities as well as negatives with their positive traits. Since friendship is the fundamental foundation of ALL relationships, that must be the first priority for anyone who wants a lasting relationship, no matter if that relationship is romantic or not. The age difference should really be insignificant if the 2 are attracted to each other, and they balance each other out. Balance is absolutely vital to every things that we know. In order to have balance the 2 people should accent each others’ characteristics. They must be alike enough to share common interests, but different enough so that they can learn from each other. The relationship must be mutually and equally beneficial in all relevant ways. They must both be willing and able to both teach and learn from each other on a consistent basis while remaining fully receptive so that they may also each learn about themselves through teaching and learning from each other. Life is about growth. Nothing becomes beautiful without perpetual care, nurture, positive attention, positive energy, confidence, and security. As long as all these things are primary priorities for both people, there is absolutely no reason that the relationship can’t work. It works if you want to work it.

As a species, we put superficial boundaries up for ourselves in fear of exploring the unknown, or in fear of what others might think of us. Personally, I try to live opposite of the standards set by the majority, therefore I welcome the challenges of the unknown. We all fully comprehend the fact that we have a short, finite lifespan. There is absolutely no reason to waste time on those who are stuck in their own box whatever it might be. If they drag you down, if they drain your energies, then they need to be let go. Life is way too short to keep going down the same rocky roads with the same negative people who refuse to evolve from within. No one should ever settle for less than they truly feel they deserve. If you feel like something isn’t worth your time, effort, and energy then it isn’t. There’s no point in living on the notion of false hope. Also, if they feel they are inadequate, then they must be. We create our own reality in every way. It’s time for us all to stop repeating the same mistakes expecting different result that never materialize. Why waste the short time you have with anyone who isn’t worthy of it? Does the negative outweigh the positive?


Spew Nonsensical Psychobabble

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