The reason that I have several posts relating to ETs/UFOs is because it deals with rediscovering ourselves as a species, so that we may not only re-learn what we once knew, but also to use that original information and apply it effectively to our time now so that we may reach the adult stage of our evolutionary process. It is more than obvious that ancient civilizations had some sort of “outside intervention”, however I don’t believe that intervention was “divine”. The only logical theory which can even possibly explain how the megalithic structures all over the world were built is the “Alien Intervention Theory”.

This type of information provokes one to question their very foundation of beliefs which is vital to personal growth, development, and evolution, as well as spreading to a collective will to evolve. In order for us to truly live free again, we must know and apply the ancient knowledge of things such as free energy. It is very important that the people know that this type of information has been deliberately suppressed, and why it has. What would you say if I told you that the purpose of the pyramids are FREE energy? Would it perhaps anger you that we merely walk by, look at, and take pictures of these vacant megalithic structures? I know it certainly pisses me off now that I’m aware of just this one vital piece of our life’s puzzle. So why has this information been so vehemently suppressed? That answer is simple; NO ONE can patent, monopolize, and make money off of something that is free! Well I digress. They did that with water, but you can’t bottle energy. As with everything else these “secrets” are “hidden” in plain sight. Only those who are listening will hear. Only those whose eyes are open will see. Only those whose minds are awake will take notice.

Here is a perfect example of ancient technology/knowledge that has been suppressed to keep us ignorant and enslaved to the wills of mortal men. This experiment was conducted by Austrian inventor Thomas Trawöger, and the pyramid he uses here is an exact replica of the Great Pyramid in Giza.



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