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The story of Noah’s Ark was the very first story that made me question the integrity of the bible. I remember sitting in a dentist office when I was 6, reading a “Children’s Bible” about it. They showed an illustration of a huge boat, and an extremely long line of every living male and female animal on Earth. I remember thinking to myself “How can they fit all those animals on one boat?” At only 6, I knew that was absolutely impossible.

Zecharia Sitchin writes in “The Earth Chronicles” that Enki provided “a submersible vessel that could withstand the avalanche of water” for Ziusudra (Noah), as well as the DNA of every male and female species kept in petri dishes. Now I’m not saying this is true, because I can’t prove it, but the latter certainly makes much more logical sense. Not to mention the overwhelming amount of shit that poor Noah/Ziusudra and his family would have to deal with. They must’ve been steeped in diarrhea the whole time it rained.

Milky_Way_galaxy_sun05 copy

I considered myself a skeptical christian, but was planning to go to seminary school to become a preacher, until I found myself with many more questions than answers at 24. I decided to do a 180, and read The Satanic Bible (copied from “Might is Right” by Ragnar Redbeard) by Anton LaVey, and that changed my life forever.

It made me realize that everything that christians claim about Satanists is 100% bullshit, and that they live their lives in a constant state of fear and weakness. It also made me realize that humans are just another animal. Every single feeling, instinct, and emotion that we experience is completely natural, and shouldn’t be denied. As Anton said “Our demons shouldn’t be exorcized, they should be exercised.” Religions are designed to make us feel guilty for being human, so they consider anything that we do that brings personal gratification and satisfaction to be an “evil sin.”




Piece of Mind

Since I read The Satanic Bible 8 years ago, I’ve read The Qur’an, The Book of Mormon, The Book of Scientology, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Jewish Kaballah, The Hermetic Qabalah, The Earth Chronicles, and various other books about minor religions, the occult, and mythology. What I have discovered is that they ALL tell a similar story, but change the details to fit their language, geographical location, cultural customs, personal agendas, etc, and all of those stories supposedly originate from the Sumerian tablets.

Satan is the classic boogeyman for adults, while “God”/Jesus are the classic heroes. The fact that any adult has a need to believe in beings that can never, and will never be proven merely shows that “adult” never progressed beyond intellectual adolescence. I’m not telling anyone what to believe. I’m telling everyone to question what you believe.

Redbeard - Great Understanding

The belief in a deity that will destroy your life, make you miserable, and send you to an eternal place of suffering to be “tormented day and night forever and ever” is in direct contrast to freedom and Liberty. If you call yourself a “Liberty advocate” and a “christian,” then you are simply living a lie via contradicting yourself. Your religion tells you that you cannot serve 2 masters, so as an advocate of freedom and Liberty, you are your own master, however if you are a “christian,” then your master is “God.” If you think that your religion is exempt from tyranny, then you’re obviously still asleep. Wake up before you die in your delusional dreams.

The Connection

  1. Nathanial says:

    I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world. Most of us are atheist to most gods, some of us go one god further.

  2. I’m pleasantly surprised that the first comment on this post is from someone who agrees with me. I believe that Earth is a school, and we’re here to question EVERYTHING, especially things that A LOT of people blindly follow and believe. Question the unquestionable is something that I live by. If we as a species are told not to question a specific subject, then we should question that even more instead of merely taking another individual’s word for something.

    Monotheism is hands down the most asinine of all theologies. The deities of monotheism all appear to suffer from severe mental disorders because these religions took many godS and combined them to make 1 fucked up deity, then justify the psychotic traits by calling it the “holy trinity”. The “trinity” theory itself is nothing short of preposterous.

    I believe that we are our own gods on Earth in that we ultimately have control of our lives and we manifest our own destinies through our decision, actions, and karma. I also believe that the trinity within us is the 100% synchronization of our individual mind, body, and spirit/soul/energy, and that the “missing link” is the connection between science and spirituality. The ancient/first humans were clearly more advanced than we are today, and they fully comprehended this since they actually physically lived with godS here on Earth.

    In my research of this subject I have come to the conclusion that there is no god, and there is no truth. There is only the god within ourselves, and truth is merely what we believe as individuals therefore truth technically doesn’t exist. We each create our own reality, and we each have 100% control over our immediate environments so long as we choose to take responsibility for ourselves as sovereign individual Earth inhabitants. In order for us to come full circle we MUST rediscover ourselves, and use that information so that we can evolve to the next level of our species. “To know the past is to know the future.”

  3. Religion is opium for the masses given to us by people in power. That is why the myth of a place called heaven was invented. The ones in power needed foot soldiers to do their bidding, but why would the common man die for those in power? The promise of reward in an afterlife where everything you didn’t have here on earth will be. Look at what a person perceives to be missing in their life and there you will find what they think heaven will be like, all the things they do not have here on this earth. The saddest thing is that they are wasting their precious and short time on this beautiful planet not experiencing it for themselves, but experiencing it the way those in power find their lives to be most useful to keep the powerful happy. Heaven is here, all that you need is here, open your eyes and you will see it all around you.

  4. I couldn’t agree more, however I don’t see it as “sad” that others waste their time here since none of it affects me personally. I honestly couldn’t care less what anyone else does with their time/life. I am glad to see others sharing the same realistic perspective. Thank you.

  5. Trev says:

    I had a comment to make about something I doubt you thought of. The bible doesn’t say one of every animal that has ever existed in the world. The number of species that would have existed in the possible time that Noah would have lived would have been a fraction of what exist in the world today. As with all nature, species evolve, grow, intermingle, interbreed and new species are created.

    Also. The Bible doesn’t forbid things that cause pleasure. Take for instance sex and alcohol. It doesn’t ban either of things, It does however express what over indulgence can do to you. Jesus and many figures in the bible consumed wine, most were married having sex and many particularly in the old testament had polygamistic marriages which were very common in the region and the era. Overconsumption of alcohol and excess sex can have damaging effects on the body and emotions. Something you can see daily if you look. This is true of the various described sins.

    Now one misconception about old religions is this: they had not gods living among them but what the Greeks called deimonas, spirits. Supernatural beings, lords of a specific domain or a specific thing. Gods in anciet polytheistic nature religions lived either in their own special realm, on the earth, or in that cultures perception of ‘heaven’.

    Now you say people blindly follow religions. This is half true. They blindly follow others claiming to be something special using that religion. Take the crusades. During the Middle ages only doctors, scientists, and some nobles had the ability read. Even fewer read the languages the Bible and other religious texts were written in. The ones that could, some nobility and religious figures got radical un-biblical ideas in their head and manipulate the more-or-less forced ignorance of the common people. Martin Luther was the biggest threat these kind of people ever had because he took the Bible and translated it for the common man, who then could see for themselves (eventually) the wrong in events like the crusades. And throughtout the past millenia the ignorance has still been around. People either can’t don’t or won’t just sit and actually read holy texts and just take the words of others who may or more likely are not reading right themselves.

    When a religious text is actually read no atrocious act committed in the name of God has justification, but in fact, is condemned. Christians in the crusades, persecuting others of other religions, homosexuals, etc is all biblically wrong to do and the exact opposite of what they are told to do.

    Religions are not a tool to make people be guilty about doing bad things. Even though many times they are used that way. Texts like the Bible, Quran, the many sutras are all explain (obviously partially varying differences) the concept of morality. Unlike your statement humans are just another animal, we are not a simple as other animals. We have qualities they don’t. We go beyond pure instinct and things that are natural. We have a concept of morality, ethics, logic, reason, that expands instinct. An animal will kill without hesitation or remorse in order to survive. A human can kill in the same manner, but the vast majority of humans can’t kill anything and not feel emotion. taking of a life bears a significance in the human mind that exists in no other thing on earth.

    “The belief in a deity that will destroy your life, make you miserable, and send you to an eternal place of suffering to be “tormented day and night forever and ever” is in direct contrast to freedom and Liberty.”

    Some religions, many denominations of Christianity this very often becomes true. But I can tell you if read, truly read the whole of a bible it doesn’t express God wanting servants. Angels are servants with little capability of free will. The bible more suggests humans were made as a companion figure. When Adam was made God walked everyday in the garden with him and Eve. The first few verses of the bible describe the earth being consumed by darkness. God brings light into the world and puts life on it. Puts mankind here to reclaim a darkened world, them being kicked out of the garden was very likely because it was now tainted just the rest of the world. And notice satan who had been from heaven was already present there, which makes it easy to assume the empty world was full of evil with no one to do it.

    From day one we were given the ability to choose or deny God and anything else we wanted to. People don’t just blindly follow a religion, they choose it. And people like yourself don’t choose it. It’s up to each to find their God or deny any god. The mistake of many religons, Christian and others, is that they think can force people to adhere to their beliefs, which is a very human way of thinking. Even though in christianity at least it doesn’t tell christians to force beliefs on people, merely tell them about it and be there if they want it or move on to the next if they refuse it.

    The majority of problems related to religions come not from the religions or their texts but people who don’t actually adhere to them and then do things claiming to be apart of that faith. like the crusades. The leaders of the crusades, both clergy and nobility, did it all for glory and having their name written in history forever as being the ones who took the Holy City. God’s name was used to justify it to the people of their nations and manipulate them into participating. Even tho the bible condemns every action the did during the campaigns: killing, stealing, rape, persecution. Jews, God’s chosen people according to the Bible were slaughtered by ‘christian’ knights throughout jeruselam and in europe.

    Now you say:

    “EVERY SINGLE feeling, instinct, and emotion that we experience is 100% natural and shouldn’t be denied. As Anton said “Our demons shouldn’t be exorcized, they should be EXERCISED.” Religions are designed to make us feel guilty for being human so they consider anything that we do that brings personal gratification and satisfaction to be an “evil sin”.”

    Completely adhering to instinct and raw emotion, exorcizing all the thoughts that can exist in a person’s mind leads to a chaos that is unnatural. Nature has a natural order in everything. Disease is an example of something not natural that disturbs the natural order of things. When you get sick your entire internal ecosystem is thrown off, nature is halted to resolve the unnatural presence inside you. Humans have a concept of morality. Things like murder, rape, stealing, jealousy, lying, etc, are classified as sins in religions becuz they cause only pain and destruction either immediately or in the long run. Humans take some of these and mix in ethics that justifies some things. Like how we have self-defense and then 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree murder. When peopel don’t even try to control some of the things in our nature it leads to miserable existance for all.

    You can see in real life how while some things are pleasurable they eventually lead to misery. Take drugs, alcohol, sex, food. We need food obviously, but over consuming leads to overweight and health problems that cause you to suffer in your life. Alcohol is a pleasurable consumable, but when done in excess leads to a life of misery, physical and emotional. the constant oversaturation of the chemicals that give alcohol its kick send you mind into a state of chaos and also begin to damage and kill your organs. Sex, sex is fantastic. Any one whose at the least seen a sexual image can tell that. Sex is a vital part of a human life, and mentioned as being the most intimate two people can be in the bible. Humans are one of the few things on this earth that feel sexual pleasure and the only ones that do it solely for pleasure. But, sex in certain ways is very damaging. Rape, molestation are the extreme examples. Sex before you’ve truly gotten to know someone can be just as damaging emotionally.

    Things religious texts described as sins are either things that are just simply destructive (murder, rape, etc) or are destructive in excess (alcohol, sex, drugs)

    I will tell you, I believe in God. I don’t call myself Christian because I, like so many, struggle. I do ‘sinful’ things, we humans are not perfect. Religious people who act perfect just becuz they are in a religion piss me off lol. Just like people who criticize them because they think all religious people are blind idiots who do the holier-than-thou act and try to make you feel guilty (and there are still quite a few of em around).

    Freedom and liberty are not just doing whatever you want to. Freedom and Liberty are not having someone control your actions for you. When people move out of their parents’ house the freedom to go out and take care of themselves now. To not be taken care of which naturally comes with restrictions. When you control your own self, you are exercising freedom. That is the emphasis of religious ideals. Not to be controlled by some figure or deity like so often religions are manipulated into saying, but doing for yourself. You choosing right over wrong, balancing pleasure and pain, living happy and healthy.

    I did enjoy the read. Always an interesting topic to me :3

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