Unjust Laws

1. Abolish the IRS: The IRS is a rogue corporation violating the Constitution daily, operating in fraud with only presumed and false authority, guilty of slave trade by taxing earnings directly, protected by corrupt courts, seizing assets, wealth and property through extortion, racketeering and conspiracy with banks and law enforcement. While the IRS may be the greatest threat to justice that Americans face, it is also running low on credibility to anyone who is roughly familiar with the Constitution. In 1913 the IRS was created and it can just as easily be eliminated. That elimination is long overdue. The IRS does not pass any of it’s revenues on for public services, the entire collections of the IRS go to pay interest on debt to private Federal Reserve Banks and World Banks. Our government may not rightfully borrow money from anyone. Our government is supposed to manage currency internally. The IRS is thought by many to be a criminal operation and, if so, that works in the favor of everyone who is asked to participate in the Income Tax. It is time for all of us to investigate and challenge the unlawful actions and claims made by the IRS.

2. Abolish the federal reserve and the entire current fiat monetary system: Bring back the barter system, as well as the gold standard, and allow each community to establish their own currency. Today, people are paid for their time. With the barter system, we can donate the most precious element of life which is our time, in exchange for what we want and need. This would give us all the opportunity to get the things that we need while having the time to chase our own dreams.

3. Abolish the current educational system: With more time for ourselves, we can educate our own children our own terms without any government oversight. If you choose to do other things with your time, but you still want your child to have an education, then choose someone that you know and trust to teach your child. I’m sure many would be more than willing to help, so long as you have taught your child to behave and respect adults.

4. Abolish pharmaceuticals, the current healthcare system, and all insurance companies: Bring back homeopathic remedies that have worked effectively for many thousands of years! Everyone today who has a degree in the medical field can better serve people without the restraints of corporate “policies”. The barter system will take care of payment for their services. Insurance companies are merely extortionists. We don’t need them at all for anything! If something happens to someone, then the community should band together to help that person with anything that they need.

5. Abolish ALL drug laws: The consumption of anything is entirely the choice of an individual. If someone has a substance abuse problem, then it should be solely up to the family of what type of treatment that person should receive. The problem of today is that the federal and state governments put people in a concrete cage because of poor personal choices that don’t affect anyone other than the individual and their family. This does absolutely nothing to help anyone! These people shouldn’t be locked up, and forgotten about. Their issues of dependency should be addressed, not ignored by those who have the only power to help them.

6. Abolish all police forces: Restore the Sheriff as the supreme law enforcers of the land, and bring back militias to protect the people. Militias should be “well organized” and completely voluntary. They may be paid for their duties by any means agreed upon by the community and the militias.

7. Abolish the current judicial system: We can start community justice. The original Constitution says that we all have the right to a fair and speedy trial judged by a jury of our peers. Our peers (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) are the people in our community that know us. We should not be judged by people that know nothing about us, so that they can be manipulated by powerful men with a personal, political, agenda. I would also like to bring back the guillotine, and gallows for those who commit violent crimes, sex crimes, and murder for any other reason than self defense. Thieves should have 1 hand chopped off every time they steal what another has earned.

8. Abolish the Constitution: I know I’m gonna get a lot of shit for this one, but hear me out. Every person on Earth comprehends right from wrong. We don’t need a list to tell us what to do, and how to do it, or that we have certain rights. We as individuals are born free, and should remain so for the remainder of our lives. Our very birth is what gives us the right to do anything that we want so long as it doesn’t hurt someone who doesn’t deserve,or wish to be hurt. Morality, as well as everything else, is individually subjective, therefore we should not push any of our own personal morals onto others. I also recommend that we live by the concept of paying it forward. If someone helps you, then help someone else, but explain to them that they must pay your help forward in order to receive future help from you.

9. Abolish all forms of government: Do you really need government? Are you not an intelligent, rational, adult? Do you need people that you don’t know anything about holding your hand from afar, thinking and making decisions for you claiming that they know you, and what your interests are? I know I don’t. We are the ones who work together, shop together, feed together, eat together, laugh together, love together, and live together. We don’t know these people personally. We don’t know any of them. We have to stop putting our trust in these criminals right now! Without government control we can explore everything that we possibly need to create such things as free energy.

10. Abolish all religions: The religious powers that be (specifically the vatican) are the creators of bondage by implementing the enslavement of the mind and spirit. Religion is merely another tool created by the ultimate powers that be. They are all designed to confound, and confuse which makes us easier to divide and conquer. Christianity itself was created by the roman catholic empire which is ironic considering they hardly acknowledge christ. The global conspiracy is even bigger than most people think. People are ready, and willing to accept that our governments control everything with the exception of religion. The fact of the matter is that they didn’t make an exception when it came to religion. Think about it, “terrorists” are an unbeatable enemy because anyone can be labeled a “terrorist” for any reason deemed by the government, and the concept of a deity is an unprovable belief. Satan is merely a boogeyman for adults. Religion itself cannot provide enlightenment. This can only be achieved through the solitary search for oneself. 

  1. Matt says:

    A big problem with solution number 7. It is true, drugs are a personal choice. But what happens when a person decides to put drugs in food, or drinks.

  2. Then that person should be held responsible by the community and let the people decide on the punishment. This way you won’t have a few people that know nothing about it, or the people involved, making a decision for an entire county, state, nation, etc. Community Justice has many more benefits than a corporate establishment, central banking, bought and paid for corrupt judicial system. Criminals will no longer be able to buy their way out of punishment for their actions.

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